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  > New Bird Toys All Birds  
  > Extra Small Bird Toys Extra Small Birds – Parrotlets, lovebirds, finches, canaries, and budgies.  
  > Small Bird Toys
Small Birds – Conures, cockatiels, senegals, caiques, quakers, Parakeets, Small Macaws  
  > Medium Bird Toys Medium Birds – Amazons, Greys, Pionus, eclectus, small cockatoos, and some macaws  
  > Large Bird Toys Large Birds-- Macaws, Tritons and moluccans  
  > Extra Large Birds Toys Extra Large – Large Moluccan, Hyacinth, and Green winged macaw  

Bird Carrier


  > Wingabago® Bird Carrier Wingabago® carrier for birds and exotic pets  
  > Wingabago® Carrier-Small Carrier for Small Birds- Amazons and smaller Cockatoos  
  > Wingabago® Carrier-Large
Larger Birds-Mullucans, larger Umbrellas, mini Macaws  
  > Wingabago® Accessories
Accessories for the Wingabago® Carrier  

Bird Toy Type


  > Acrylic & Plastic Toys If you are looking for toys that last, acrylic and plastic bird toys are a good choice. Here is a selection of toys that are sure to please any bird and they will last for a while.  
  > Bell Toys Birds love bells. Here is a selection of bells for your birds ringing pleasure, and if your bird likes to break the bells, there are bells for them too.  
  > Foot Toys Some birds love toys they can hold and play with. Here are a few foot toys you bird will like.  
  > Foraging Bird Toys In the wild, birds forage naturally. Here is a selection of foraging bird toys to keep your bird happy and busy.  
  > Harnesses When you want to take your bird on an outing, a harness is a necessary accessory. The Aviator Harness is one of the best we have found. Lightweight, no buckles, and with the long elastic leash, they can fly.  
  > Leather & Rawhide Toys From soft chewable leather to hard tough rawhide, your birds will love these toys.  
  > Shreddable Toys Birds love to shred paper and other soft materials. Our birds love to shred newspaper, especially when we are reading it. Here is a variety of palm, paper and other materials that your bird will have hours of fun destroying!  
  > Rope & Sisal Toys
Birds love to chew on rope and sisal. Here is a variety of rope and sisal bird toys your bird will love.  
> Perches & Swings
From natural wood to pumice, here is a selection of perches and swings for your bird’s swinging and perching needs.  
> Natural Toys
Some people prefer all natural bird toys. Here is a selection of bird toys made exclusively of natural material and no dyes.  
  > Treats & Supplements
Birds need supplements and treats. Here is a variety of treats and supplements in a variety of shapes and sizes.  

Bird Toy Manufacturer


  > Playful Parrot Playful Parrot bird toys are handcrafted in the USA. Our specialty is natural wood and leather bird toys, but we offer a variety of bird toys to appeal to your bird. All materials are bird safe – vegetable tanned leather, food grade dyes and nickel plated hardware.  
  > Planet Pleasures Planet Pleasure bird toys are both bird friendly and environmentally friendly. Made primarily from palm leaves, coconut, bamboo and oyster shell. Your bird will love all the different natural materials and textures.  
  > Lucky Bird Toys
Lucky bird toys are some of the longest lasting toys. They are made of high quality, colorful bulletproof plastic. All hardware is nickel plated. The screws are recessed, so your bird cannot take it apart, but you can for easy cleaning, and they’re dishwasher safe. Your bird will have hours and hours of fun with any of the lucky bird toys.  
  > Fetch-It-Pets
Fetch-it-pets are a fun colorful bird toy line. Your bird will love the piñatas. They will have a great time destroying the brightly colored piñatas and then they get the bonus of treats. What more could a bird want! In addition to piñatas there are also a nice variety of small to medium size bird toy. All materials are bird safe and there no glue is used in the piñatas.  
  > Natures's Instinct Nature’s instinct bird toys are the newest foraging toys. All bird toys are made of a tough polymer so they can stand up to abuse. Each toy is unique, but they all encourage your bird’s natural, foraging instinct. Just put your bird’s favorite treat in the toy and let the games begin! These bird toys will keep your bird busy and engaged for hours. Some of the toys can be adjusted to increase the difficulty.  
  > Polly's Pet Products Polly’s Pet Products offers a selection of manu products, natural and edible perches and bird toys. The supplements come in different forms, so you can find one that will appeal to your bird. Products are made in the USA.  
  > Sweet Feet and Beak Sweet Feet and Beak offers a selection of perches and bird toys for your bird’s enjoyment. The pumice perches are the best we have found for bird nails, and they love the perches.  
  > Mountain Man Mountain Man bird toys are proudly made in the USA. Their goal is to make high quality bird toys that will last. These unique toys are made primarily of leather and natural hardwood like dogwood and ash. These bird toys are a great choice for really destructive birds.  
  > Parrotmount Aviaries
Parrotmount Aviaries bird toys are made of the same material as cages. They will last a long time and bring your bird hours of fun. The nut cages are great for all those bird toy parts you have sitting around.  
  > Pet AG Pet Ag carries a selection of rope and wood bird toys. If your bird loves rope, give the crazy clusters a try.  
  > Parrot University
Parrot University has put a lot of time and effort to develop the Aviator escape proof harness. Harnesses are lightweight and easy to use. A DVD comes with every harness to give you instructions for use.  
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