• Playful Parrot®

    Playful Parrot® (102)

    Playful Parrot® bird toys are handcrafted in the USA. Our specialty is natural wood and leather bird toys, but we offer a variety of bird toys to appeal to your bird. All materials are bird safe – vegetable tanned leather, food grade dyes and nickel plated hardware.
  • Planet Pleasures

    Planet Pleasures (83)

    Planet Pleasure bird toys are both bird friendly and environmentally friendly. Made primarily from palm leaves, coconut, bamboo and oyster shell. Your bird will love all the different natural materials and textures
  • Fetch-It-Pets

    Fetch-It-Pets (18)

    Fetch-It-Pets is a fun colorful bird toy line your birds will love to shred.
  • Pollys Pet Products

    Pollys Pet Products (19)

    Polly’s Pet Products offers a selection of manu products, natural and edible perches and bird toys. The supplements come in different forms, so you can find one that will appeal to your bird.
  • Sweet Feet and Beak

    Sweet Feet and Beak (17)

    Sweet Feet and Beak offers a selection of perches and bird toys for your bird’s enjoyment. The pumice perches are the best we have found for bird nails, and they love the perches.
  • Parrotmount Aviaries

    Parrotmount Aviaries (6)

    Parrotmount Aviaries bird toys are made of the same material as cages. They will last a long time and bring your bird hours of fun. The nut cages are great for all those bird toy parts you have sitting around.
  • Pet Ag

    Pet Ag (1)

    Pet Ag carries a selection of rope and wood bird toys. If your bird loves rope and natural wood, give this toy a try.
  • Wesco Bird Kabobs

    Wesco Bird Kabobs (4)

    Birds love these natural, shreddabble, yucca toys.