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The Ultimate Travel Carrier

2 wingabagos large and small

The lightweight, transparent Wingabago® Travel Carrier for birds and other exotic pets gives them a clear view of their surroundings. Birds do not feel trapped or claustrophobic. Veterinarians consulted indicated birds experience less stress during travel if they can see their owners.

The Wingabago® protects birds from drafts from wind and air conditioners. It is easily secured in the car using your car’s seatbelt. Unlike travel cages, the mess is contained inside the Wingabago®, and your car interior is protected from destructive, inquisitive beaks. The Wingabago® is impact resistance and easy to clean.

When you receive the Wingabago®, it comes with everything you need. The Wingabago® comes with 3 dowel perches in varying diameters, 2 stainless steel food and water cups, and a toy hanger. We also have additional accessories including stainless steel wire doors, BagoWrap™ covers, rope perches and cage liners.

The Wingabago® was originally made for hurricane evacuations, but is the perfect carrier for other natural disasters. Your bird is safe and protected, and, if you need to evacuate, their Wingabago® can be home for a number of days.

The Wingabago® is great for travelling, but it also has other uses. Some birds prefer to sleep in their Wingabago® rather than their cage. It also can serve as a mess containing dining space and a soothing hospital cage.

What We Sell

In addition to the Wingabago®, Playful Parrot® manufactures a line of bird toys in the USA. We specialize in natural wood and leather toys, but we also make rope, sisal, soft wood, bells and plastic toys. They are handcrafted in Florida with a great deal of pride and care.

Safety is very important. Playful Parrot® toys are made with vegetable tanned leather, bird safe hard and soft wood, food grade dyes and nickel plated hardware. Stainless steel chain and hardware is available for custom orders.

All toys that Playful Parrot® sell are tested out by our crash test team, our 5 birds. Our goals are safe toys and Toys Birds Love™.

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