• Acrylic and Plastic Toys

    Acrylic and Plastic Toys (31)

    If you are looking for toys that last, acrylic and plastic bird toys are a good choice. Here is a selection of toys that are sure to please any bird and they will last for a while.
  • Bell Toys

    Bell Toys (10)

    Birds love bells. Here is a selection of bells for your birds ringing pleasure, and if your bird likes to break the bells, there are bells for them too.
  • Foot Toys

    Foot Toys (5)

    Some birds love toys they can hold and play with. Here are a few foot toys you bird will like.
  • Foraging Toys

    Foraging Toys (15)

    In the wild, birds forage naturally. Here is a selection of foraging bird toys to keep your bird happy and busy.
  • Leather and Rawhide Toys

    Leather and Rawhide Toys (41)

    From soft chewable leather to hard tough rawhide, your birds will love these toys.
  • Shreddable Toys

    Shreddable Toys (121)

    Birds love to shred paper and other soft materials. Our birds love to shred newspaper, especially when we are reading it. Here is a variety of palm, paper and other materials that your bird will have hours of fun destroying!
  • Wood Toys

    Wood Toys (88)

    Birds love to turn pieces of wood into matchsticks. We like to call our birds the winged termites. Here is a selection of hard and soft wood toys for your bird’s chewing pleasure.
  • Rope and Sisal Toys

    Rope and Sisal Toys (25)

    Birds love to chew on rope and sisal. Here is a variety of rope and sisal bird toys your bird will love.
  • Natural Toys

    Natural Toys (33)

    Some people prefer all natural bird toys. Here is a selection of bird toys made exclusively of natural material and no dyes.