Stainless Steel Skewer Small


Recommended for Extra Small to Medium Birds


These are great, you and your bird can see what works best for both of you with
these skewers. We like to use them with “Parrot Chips” from Wesco, pieces of
shredders from Planet Pleasure, and pieces of fruit and vegetables……. not all
at the same time for us! Another idea is using them to extend a toy farther
down into a cage, like when you want to make a toy available to your bird on a
lower perch. The 1/4″ skewer thickness on the small and medium skewers
give you the option of threading them into the small toy hanger for your bird
who plays rough. The stainless toy hangers are sold separately.

Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions7 × .1 × .25 in


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